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50 Years Of Combined Experience

With over 50 years of experience , we have perfected the art of repetition engineering. We specialise in manufacturing precision turned components ranging from 1mm to 32mm diameter in accordance to customer drawing, sample or specifications in large numbers.

We are a 100% Australian owned, customer-focused company. We don’t cut corners, and look for ways to go above and beyond for our customers. 

To see how we can help your project contact us on: +61 (03) 9720 2000 or simply fill out the online free quote.

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GT Turning is driven by its people. As a 100% Australian owned and operated repetition engineering firm, our staff have over 90 years of combined experience in manufacturing engineering.

Get in touch by calling us on +61 (03) 9720 2000 or simply fill out the online free quote.


Our Expertise

We have the ability to successfully manufacture components ranging from 1mm to 32mm (in diameter) based on customer drawing, sample, or specification in large numbers and at scale.

We specialise in precision CNC, with multi-axis machinery, milling, taping and finishing operations to provide a range of dimensional and surface characteristics.

The typical metal materials used include: brassstainless or mild steelcopper and aluminium. We also have knowledge of working with teflontitaniumdelrin, and other specialised alloys and materials.

We accomplish such operations through the strategic use of automated CNC machinery, practical engineering skills of our technicians and maintaining a high standard of duty towards our manufacturing process.

For more information contact us on: +61 (03) 9720 2000 or simply fill out the online free quote.


The Traub TNL 12 allows us at GT Turning to achieve great results in a very time efficient manner. The TNL 12 is a unique sliding headstock turning machine that is perfect for large productions of intricate parts ranging from 2mm to 13mm in diameter. This tool helps bring your next product into reality, with its 11 axis CNC Lathe it enables our technicians to create parts with several different angles, depths and lengths. It also uses upto 2 tool turrets each with an ability to contain 6 tool stations for a highly productive machining all done in one clamping. The benefits of CNC turned parts is that it can be used to create thousands of repeated parts with a specialised and intricate design in a very efficient way, giving us the ability to service clients of all sizes.

High precision is only ever fully achieved by having a great level of attention to detail and a unique ability to tackle challenges in ingenious ways. The dual spindle design, laid out in a counter spindle manner enables our technicians to manufacture very creative and unique designs. The sliding head mechanism of the TNL 12 enables us to create parts that are long and precise in nature, while providing each part with sufficient support to meet rigidity requirements. Have a look at some of the parts we have successfully produced.

If you have a need for high quality, intricate design, done consistently over hundreds and thousands of pieces then contact us by calling us at +61 (03) 9720 2000 or simply fill out the online free quote.

The Star KNC 20 and KNC 32 are two pieces of equipment that enables us to produce a large number of parts with the least amount of non-cutting down time. This ensures quick and consistent delivery of parts. In a pinch, we have your back. These sets of machines have a multi tool front and rear end feature that allows us to lower the total amount of time required for each part. This efficiency gained leads to an overall reduction in price while maintaining the high production quality of repetition parts. Together the KNC 20/32 machines we have at GT Turning ensure that large quantities of parts are manufactured for our customers with high levels of efficiency and quality. 

We also facilitate fully-bespoke creation of parts that meet and succeed your quality requirements. The use of the KNC 20/32 enables us to create parts ranging from 3mm to 32mm with materials such as brass, stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum and others. This gives us a great flexibility to synthesize parts and deliver you with results exactly the way that is required,  down to the mm. Have a look at some of our previous projects we have created using these elegant machines. 

If you require repetition engineered parts performed in a precise way made to your specifications and drawings then contact us on +61 (03) 9720 2000 or simply fill out the online free quote.


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